Terms and Conditions Return Policy:


In the unlikely event that customer doesn't receive their parcel ( Lost Package ) REALHGHSUPPLY.COM will offer 100% refund of Products ordered to replace Lost Order.

( Customer must provide customs seizure letter). Otherwise Risk of Loss Passes to Customer.

In many cases we will also offer free reship of replacing order, meaning we will not charge shipping fees for such order (this is left at our discretion).

Customer must notify us by email or phone or both no later than 24 hours after package is due for delivery for us to run a trace and determine how to solve the issue.


Notice the following applies.




Moreover, we are not responsible for the product that has been damaged during the incorrect use/assembly. 

We guarantee that our HGH Products are original and they are released by the original manufacturers.

By Shopping in RealHgHSupply.com you electronically sign by accepting when you check out. 

Billing company for this order will show on your Bank statement as: ALTERNATIVE HEALTH  . Please honor it.


The customer hereby acknowledge the charging company as: ALTERNATIVE HEALTH and also accept paying the amount shown in this  Order / Invoice to the Bank / Company issuing his / her Credit Card. 

Prices currency is in U.S. Dollars for all purchased products and there might be a slight difference in your Bank statement.

Ultimately your Bank and/or Credit Card company will apply the current currency exchange rate at time of placing order (U.S. Dollars - Mexican Pesos). 

We proudly accept VISA and MC Credit and Debit Cards.  We handle your order very discreetly.

Real HGH Supply, through its contracted Mexico Based billing services provider Alternative Health, will charge my credit card the following amounts for each order: the TOTAL COST OF THE MEDICATIONS as posted on the Real HGH Supply website  on the day Real HGH Supply receives my order or next Business day and SHIPPING AND HANDLING COST for each package Real HGH Supply ships. 

We at realhghsupply.com are committed to our clients well Being and safety. All our products will arrive in factory sealed boxes with factory Holograms in place (when applicable) so you know it has never been opened. We will re-send your parcel if returned to us based on an error made by us at time of shipping at no extra cost to you, if returned for an error on your behalf at time of ordering we will re-send your order and charge shipping fees previous your authorization.



LEGAL DISCLAIMER. The information presented through this website should not be considered as medical advice and should not serve as a replacement for the professional medical advice of your physician.


This company and or its agents assume no liability whatsoever and provide this material only for educational purposes. If you are ordering any medication or supplement from realhghsupply.com website then you agree that you have either a valid medical prescription for the use of the medication or that you are in good general health. We advise you to consult   your physician on the use of any HGH product in accordance with all applicable US laws.


Privacy Policy Realhghsupply.com  use of personal information that you may submit to realhghdepot.com  through this Web site is governed by the realhghsupply.com Privacy Policy. Your privacy is very important to us. We will never trade, lease or sell your personal information or e-mail Address. We follow a strict anti-spam policy and we will contact you ONLY if your order information is incomplete or to provide you with important updates, new products arrivals and any ongoing offers. We take your privacy with much regards, your information always remains confidential and safe.


Consumer Agreement / prescription: Customer is encouraged to provide a valid prescription when ordering, if possible scan and email us copy of it to travel with order. Or at your request (by simply filling - in our order form) and to respect your privacy we will send our products on the assumption that you do have ready a valid prescription from your Physician should it be required or requested, notice that a prescription will not arrive along with order as we cannot prescribe for you. realhghsupply.com employees are NOT a medical staff and do not pretend to be. realhghsupply.com is a distributor for Injectable Growth Hormone for healthy individuals that seek top quality HGH products, better pricing and availability at any time.




Shipping & Delivery

Currently realhghsupply.com m ships merchandise to all locations within the continental United States also to international locations ( outside the U.S.), when possible. (For international locations shipping fees are quite significant and you will receive an estimated quote after placing order for your approval, also delivery takes longer than to USA.  Customer must deal with clearance for delivery issues if any and agree to our non-responsibility for goods after sent, (by simply filing -in our order form). In the unlikely event that your shipment does not arrive contact us and we will run a trace for you with carrier and we will assist as much as possible within acceptable boundaries, should order is lost then our replacement guarantee does not apply for international shipping. Meanwhile we have done everything possible to explain delivery terms. Please acknowledge that we will not ship to International or U.S.A.  P.O. Boxes. We highly recommend giving us a physical mailing address. All products will be sent to the customer´s designated home or business physical street address.


We handle your order very discreetly.

Very important: we ship with indirect signature required. 

 An adult signature when receiving order and / or Couriers confirmation will constitute proof of delivery. Customer must be available to sign for package or have a designated person to receive and sing for delivery, make arrangement for someone to be present at time of delivery.


Product should be place into fridge as soon as possible after delivered. Most Growth Hormone can handle being in room temperature for about a week. It is recommended however, to be refrigerated as soon as possible and kept refrigerated. All products travel with ice pack(s) to   maintain desirable temperature as much as possible.


Payment / Sales Tax.  Your order will ship at the cost shown when checking out if placing order online (through our website) or the cost quoted to you if placing order over the phone. By placing your order either by phone or via the internet, you automatically accept the associated costs. Final cost  could vary if a discount is granted and you will be notified by e-mail.   

We take Your and Our security with High regards. Transactions and information are well protected by SSL certificate in place, all data is encrypted and  protected.  

A Bank is involved therefore you are always protected.

We as company must avoid any possible wrongful charge back(s) as we find many individuals approaching this venue.

 Should the billing address on your credit card does not match 100% at time of processing payment or shipping address is different than billing address we will require customers to provide and send us a copy of official I.D. (Driver’s License) to verify signature of card holder also to keep on file for this and any future orders. Perhaps you could conceal the S.S. # if necessary. It is our hope you see the fairness of this request.  

Also as a Safety precaution on your behalf we do not store the Card Verification Value (CVV) code.

(3 or more digits usually on back of plastic or front) with credit card information in our database.  After submitting your Order, we will manually proceed with corresponding charge and should the same show declined (denied by your Bank) we will notify you by Phone or email or both.


To continue with order then you must contact your Bank / Credit card company and authorize payment then contact us by email or phone and instruct us to try charge again, once charge clears we will notify you and proceed to schedule shipping, send us a message to:

CUSTOMERCARE@REALHGHSUPPLY.COM with needed information.  


We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you appreciate the extra security step.  

We conduct Honest and Reliable Business!

Phone: ( 858 )  888 9267

Email: customercare@realhghsupply.com